For over 40 years, we’ve been Ireland’s trusted partner, optimising costs, mitigating risks, and delivering efficient, compliant warehousing and logistics solutions for pharmaceutical and life science companies.

From temperature-controlled storage to real-time inventory tracking, we offer the expertise and flexibility your business needs.

Trust Flancare for the secure, seamless supply chain you deserve.

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At the Core of Pharmaceutical Warehousing

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Our proper storage and handling minimises the risk of temperature-sensitive products degrading or becoming ineffective.

Compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

We ensure adherence to strict regulations, safeguarding product integrity and preventing regulatory issues.

Reduced risk of damage and contamination

Secure facilities and stringent hygiene protocols minimise product damage and contamination risks, leading to fewer lost batches and quality control issues.

Real-time inventory visibility

Our advanced warehouse management systems provide transparent inventory tracking, preventing stockouts and enabling efficient order fulfilment.

Track and trace capabilities

We monitor product movement across the supply chain allowing for quick identification and resolution of potential issues, enhancing overall chain efficiency.

Centralised warehousing and distribution

Our 200,000 sq ft storage space and distribution networks reduce unnecessary transportation costs and lead times, streamlining the supply chain.

Reduced overhead costs

Outsourcing warehousing and logistics frees up capital and resources for core business activities, leading to cost savings.

Scalable solutions

Our flexible storage and transportation options allows adapting to fluctuating needs without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Faster order fulfilment and delivery

Flancare’s warehousing and logistics processes lead to faster product delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduced product shortages and stockouts

Real-time inventory visibility and efficient order fulfilment minimise stockouts, ensuring product availability and meeting customer demand.

Enhanced order accuracy

Our robust systems and quality control measures ensure accurate order fulfilment, minimising returns and customer complaints.

Expertise in industry regulations

Our experts stay updated on complex regulations, minimising the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Receiving, Storing, Managing, Packing, Tracking, and Shipping your precious pharmaceutical material is what we do.

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Pharmaceutical warehousing provides secure, specialised storage and distribution solutions for essential life-science products, ensuring their quality, safety, and timely delivery throughout the supply chain.

In addition to these specialised services, Flancare offers complete warehousing and 3P logistics solutions throughout Ireland.


  • Pharmaceutical companies: Major pharma giants and emerging biopharmaceutical startups rely on specialised storage and logistics for their sensitive medications and research materials.
  • Research institutions: Universities and research labs conducting vital studies require secure storage for delicate samples and research materials.
  • Government agencies: Regulatory bodies may utilise pharmaceutical warehousing for specific needs, such as storing or transporting pharmaceuticals for testing or regulatory purposes.
  • Healthcare providers: Hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics depend on a constant flow of pharmaceuticals to serve their patients.


We store raw materials and packaging for production lines for pharma companies:

  • Medical devices
  • Clinical trial materials
  • Other Pharmaceutical material



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